I’ve started writing a series called Globetrotters (WIP name, anyway, still may change). This work in progress is about a hotel critic named Calyx Black (him in the beanie), an arrogant, cranky man (think of him as the Gordon Ramsey of hotel inspectors) who travels around the world bringing his particular brand of harsh and often rude observations to nervous hotel owners. He’s accompanied on his journeys by his long-suffering Financial Assistant and general factotum, Ethan St John. It’s a tale of enemies to lovers because Calyx can be a real bastard and fights his attraction to Ethan every step of the way. However, Ethan is tougher than he looks, and he can give just as well as he can take. And if that isn’t a double entendre, then I don’t know what is 😊

The series so far is planned to be three books, the first one taking place in Transylvania, Romania and deals with a subject that in today’s modern world of plans to save the planet is very relevant. The others take place in a tropical paradise and a snowy mountain lodge. #lipsnowsealed