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The Men of London

Set in the cosmopolitan landscape within the city of London come these diverse and exciting stories about men meeting their match and finding love.

I love writing this series. It’s my first time creating something in a series with as many books as this one, and each one has its own tale to tell. All books stand alone on their own merits- but I’d say it’s always better to get to know all the characters in a series like this one. It becomes like an extended family, and you can laugh, cry and empathise with them all.

Fetish Alley

Welcome to Fetish Alley, Square Mile, London. Where you can buy the weird, the kinky and the wonderful. It’s a community which understands the value of the human psyche and offers a taste of something different. And looming over the cobbled alley is Graffiato Animé, a world-renowned Fetish club, owned by a man who is a part of Clay Mortimer’s past. Of course, every community has its crimes, and this one has its fair share. Just as well Clay and Tate are there to solve them.

These two men made their appearance in Feat of Clay which was book 4 in my Men of London series. I wanted to feature the two Alpha males Clay Mortimer and Tate Williams in more books and put them into some truly different situations.

I had the idea of writing a series of stories set in the fetish world over a year ago and pitched it to my publisher. They loved the idea and so I found myself contracted to a four-book series.

I wanted something quirky, and memorable – the result was this amazing image below. Look at the detail in the shop front windows and have a chuckle at the menu board outside the restaurant, Moving Feast. It will give you an idea of what kind of delicacies this place serves.

Double Alchemy

I’m a huge fan of urban paranormal and supernatural stories. It’s my favourite thing to read. I had an idea for this book which took a huge amount of research into Wicca and witch hunting. I’m very proud of these books because they let my imagination flow in ways I’d never imagined. I hope you like the story of warlocks, witch hunters, water sprites and witches as much as I do.

Stand Alone M/M Novels

I’m a huge fan of writing about tortured and driven men and angst situations. I seem to have gravitated towards this, using teens kicked out of home, grief, child abuse and prostitution, Stockholm Syndrome, kidnapping, sexual abuse, self-harm and suicide as elements of my stories. I’m also a lover of the supernatural, the paranormal and witchcraft and sorcery. It’s no real surprise that my books offer a lot of this.


Cassandra by Starlight is the book that started it all. That and Benedict Cumberbatch. Obsessed with the incredible Sherlock star, I decided to write a screenplay for a film he could be in. I’d heard he wanted a good romantic lead. My plan was then to pitch it to someone and get Benedict to star in the TV series. Lofty ideals, yes. The screenplay was tough going, so I decided to write the book first then adapt it to a screenplay. So, I did. Then I thought, hell, you’ve written it now and had a lot of fun; you might as well see if someone wants to publish it. And they did. Big bloody surprise to me, but I was overjoyed. I completed a pilot episode for a TV series based on this book and submitted it to the BBC in a competition. It didn’t get anywhere but by then I’d written another half a dozen books and was flying, so I didn’t care anymore.

The MC in this book, Bennett Saville was inspired by Benedict. He’s a younger man falling in love with a woman ten years older than him. A May-December romance.