Authors often create free bonus scenes from published books, and little shorts for competitions, blog hops and the like. I’m no exception and here you’ll find a selection of very short little freebies and some longer for your reading pleasure. Whether you need something in a quick minute, or perhaps a five- minute read, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

Strawberry Kisses

Because we are who we are. Why should we change?

Vincent Lowry had lived all his life in fear of two challenges he’d been born with. It was only when he met the outspoken out and proud Pollack Nazari that he realised those challenges needed to be owned, and his stain of shame wasn’t so bad after all.

When Harry met Sully

Christmas is the season for making friends…and maybe more

When Harry goes to his local homeless shelter to help with the Christmas decorating, the last thing he expected to find was a sexy Christmas elf.

A Small Soirée

Leslie Scott is tasked with putting on a small, intimate event by his boss, the inimitable and fierce Laverne Debussy-Smith. A small mishap at the party leaves Leslie thinking he’s about to get the proverbial kick up the arse. However, friendship is forever, and in typical gracious fashion, Laverne is the one to save the day.

Saving Alexander – Bonus Scene

It’s Sage and Alex’s first Christmas together. Family, friends and a pot plant named Sophie make Alex realise he’s a very lucky man. Especially when Sage is feeling amorous.

Worth Keeping – Bonus Scene

For the Love of an Artist – Nick Mathers is nervous. It’s the first time his art is showing at a galley and he’s not sure he has the chops to make it as an artist. Of course, his boyfriend Owen disagrees.

All these stories are available to download and keep via Bookfunnel.